All photography provided by Meletios Tsarouhtsis

Since 2009, I have formed a unique and competitive family of birds which excell from 100-430 miles as young birds & have also won out past 500 miles as old birds.


MY Mission

To have a family of birds different and unique with Speed & Stamina on focus.

~MelsLoft breeding tomorrows winners today.
— Meletios Tsarouhtsis

What We've Achieved

  • OLR Winners from starting with TOF -
  • IF & AU Convention prize winners
  • Club & Combine Winners
  • East to West Coast performances including Overseas Top performances
  • Over 7 generations of Performances & Counting
  • Each generation producing exceptional performances for me and others. 
  • World Class family of birds
  • Top Quality Photographs all taken by myself 
  • Custom Design and Editing