I brought this amazing family of birds into the USA almost a decade ago direct from PAUL GROENEVELD!  What a GOLD MINE! Off the bat they bred a multitude of WINNERS just the first year! From WINNING the Tournament of Champions Race in Vegas with MTFL 2010 1037 "TRIPLE XXX" winning all three races 3 X 1st! PLUS AVERAGE SPEED - WINNING over 21K ! They also won many Club & Combine races from the East - West Coasts! As well as placing 16th & 51st in the IF CONVENTION with NEST MATES! This family has continued to do well for myself and my faithful customers and friends- Especially for Tony Szymanek of POLSKIE ORLY LOFT!  With the eye sign help of my mentor and good friend Myron Kulik who has shown me the proper way of using eye sign to build this family! He picked one bird as a youngster MTFL 73 2011 "MELLA" (Sire is DEMAX & dam is SHAMMY a double grand dtr of LEPRECHAUN) as a GREAT racer from the nest - and she went on to not only WIN 1st place races but she is now Gt Gt grand dam to a host of WINNERS- BREEDERS- REGISTERED AWARD WINNERS!! This family has truly blossomed into THE MELSLOFT PREMIER NATIONAL FAMILY !!